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Bladerunner II Air Rage Full Function RTF RC Electric Helicopter

Product Description

The new Air Rage BladeRunner II RC helicopter is absolutely revolutionary. Think ground-breaking, think astounding, think cutting edge; all these terms come to mind when seeing this aircraft fly. The BladeRunner II features a proprietary co-axial rotor design to minimize unwanted torque effects allowing exact hover control and extremely stable flight characteristics. It is powered by a state-of-the-art on board rechargeable battery pack that gives you flight times of 15 minutes. You can hover it in one spot with complete control then spin it left or right and fly it backwards and forwards while remaining in complete command.

The BladeRunner II Helicopter is one of the the best entry-level RC Helicopters available. Powered by state of the art rechargeable Li-Poly battery pack giving you flight times of 15 minutes!

New for the BladeRunner II is the super-bright front search light and green flashing strobe mounted underneath, allowing you to fly in the dark and practice your nighttime flying tricks. The BladeRunner II is ready to fly straight out of the box making it great for beginners and experts. With flight times of 15 minutes you'll soon be completing obstacle-packed circuits of your home or office in no time!

15 minute Flying Time
Can Hover and Fly With Precision Control
Complete 3-Channel Proportional Control and Maneuverability - Ready To Fly Forwards or Backwards, Up or Down, Rotate Left or Right
Unique Co-Axial Rotor Design Has Counter Rotating Propellers That Provide Unprecedented Flight Stability
Lightweight Design
Li-Poly Battery Pack
Working Front Search Light and Running Strobe Light
Full Function Digital Transmitter

BladeRunner II Helicopter
Li-Poly Rechargeable Battery
Wall Charger
Instruction Manual

9v Battery For Transmitter

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